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Common Questions & Answers - Gem, Mineral, Fossil, & Jewelry Show: Mammoth Rock Shows

What types of items are available for purchase at gem, mineral, fossil and jewelry shows?

There are many interesting and one-of-a-kind items for sale at gem, mineral, fossil and jewelry shows. There are items available in each of the above categories that will interest the novice collector to those items that will interest the most discriminating collector. You will find price ranges from less than one dollar to those items priced in the thousands of dollars. All types of gemstones, both mounted and un-mounted are available.
  • Natural, "from the Earth", Mineral specimens in rough form for the lapidary hobbyist, and in high quality display specimens in small micro size, and large cabinet size and Museum size. These will include garnets, gold, diamonds, rubies, quartz, pyrite, florescent minerals and many more.
  • Authentic Fossil specimens of all types, sizes, and price ranges for the beginning collector, serious collector, or Museum curator. Fossil specimens include dinosaurs, trilobites, shark teeth, mammoth tusks, fish, plants,amber, and many more..
  • High-end one-of-a-kind jewelry is available in set mounts or loose, to design your own creations. Jewelry selections will include beads,diamonds, emeralds, rubies, opals, saphires other semi-precious stones at a fraction of the cost found at traditional jewelry stores.

Is the show open to the public?

Absolutely. Please check under “show info” for dates and times.

How do I know that the dealers and their products are as they represent them to be?

The dealers in our show have excellent reputations and conform to very high standards. Any item found on any table that is misrepresented is immediately removed from the sales table.

Can I bring a gemstone, mineral or fossil to the show to be identified? You sure can. Our dealers are experts in their fields and will certainly try to help you.

Are there dealers in the show who can repair my jewelry?

Yes, several dealers are experts at jewelry repair and will be glad to give you an estimate on the cost of the repair and may be able to repair your jewelry while you shop.

What payment options are there available for my purchases?

Most dealers are set up to take cash, checks, charges and debit cards. Please ask the particular dealer that you are buying from what payment methods he/she accepts.

Can large groups, such as school groups or scouts, be accommodated at the show?

Absolutely. The only requirement for large groups is that adults must accompany children and maintain control over their groups while visiting our show. Any group that behaves poorly will be asked to immediately leave the building.

Are the aisles wide enough to accommodate wheelchairs and strollers?


Are pets allowed in the show?

No. Because of the high volume of customers in the show, and the risk of bites & accidents from dogs on leashes on the floor, we ask that pets remain at home or either in your vehicle while you are shopping. *Service dogs are allowed into the show of course.