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What is a Gem & Mineral Show - Gem, Mineral, Fossil, & Jewelry Show: Mammoth Rock Shows

A gem and mineral show is gathering of collector’s, jewelers, and rock-hounds, who all share a love for the natural treasures of the Earth such as minerals, fossils, and gem stones. The show is open to the general public.

At a Mammoth Rock Show you can find a multitude of the Earth’s most natural beauties and wonders, all under one roof. At our show you will find a society of people who live to find the rarest of fossils, minerals, jewels, and scientific displays. There are dealers from all over the country who are eager to share and sell their latest finds. Whether you are a serious collector, beginning novice, museum curator, interior decorator, or just a curious visitor looking for gift ideas, you will be glad you came.

There will be paleontologists and fossil enthusiasts selling amazing specimens. They will be displaying all ranges of fossils from trilobites, shark teeth, and ammonites to larger specimens such as mammoth materials and even complete dinosaurs. The list of fossils to be found at a Mammoth Rock Show goes on and on. Dealers will be selling museum quality fossils for the serious collectors as well as the perfect inexpensive specimens for the beginner.

At every turn, you will find some of the most beautiful gems and minerals you could ever imagine. Amethyst, agate, opal, quartz, and malachite, are just a few of the hundreds of gems, crystals, and minerals any rock-hound or beginning collector can find for their own collection. Great selections and prices are available whether you are looking for specimens for your classrooms or your display cabinets.

Diamonds are forever! If you love jewelry, a gem and mineral show is the place for you to be. At a Mammoth Rock Show you can find all types of jewelry in all price ranges. You can purchase pieces ready to wear, or choose from loose beads and gemstones to have set in jewelry, or make yourself.. Dealers offer high quality and a wide selection of jewelry such as earrings, necklaces, rings, bracelets, and much more.

So, if you have never been to a gem and mineral show, come give it a try. It will definitely be an educational, informational, and fun shopping experience. It is like visiting a museum where you can touch all the specimens and they are all for sale.